7 Tips for Married Couples

  • Posted on: 27 December 2016
  • By: admin

7 Important Marriage Topics for Married Couples to Discuss.

It is amazing how a couple can be married, twenty, thirty, or even sixty years and still find that there is still so much that they don’t know about each other. The experts will say it is because the art of conversation was lost at some point in the relationship. Then there are those that say couples don’t allow conversation to continue after marriage. Everyday living happens and that separates couples instead of bringing them together. 

No matter the case, it is very important that the marriage topics that are vital to a marriage are discussed. Even if a couple stays married for fifty years, not talking about the important marriage topics can result in them feeling distant. It is even possible for a little resentment to slip in there. 

So here are some marriage topics that need to be discussed no matter how busy a married couple is:

It all starts with asking questions. Ask your partner what it is you do to make them feel most loved. It is good to know this so that you can keep doing it and even expand upon it by doing new things. New things keep a relationship fresh no matter how many years the marriage has behind it.

Ask your partner to list some of the most things in life that brings them satisfaction. Listen to these strengths and support them. If there is a certain activity that your spouse likes, then support that activity because it makes them feel good.

If you are a parent with children living at home, find out what your spouse believes makes a great parent. The two of you need to be on the same page when it comes to parenting and parenting is going to be one of the most important marriage topics that the two of you discuss. 

Sex is also one of the most important marriage topics because that is what keeps you close. Have kids? They are going to be able to tell when there is some kind of tension between their parents. 

Establish what values you want to have as a family and stick to them. Write them on a dry erase board if you have to so everyone is on the same page.

Discuss what you can do as a couple to change the world you live in. If it always seems like disaster is coming your way, then find out why. There is a reason why disaster is  

always rearing its ugly head in your life. 

Set goals for your marriage. Set goals for the year, the next five years, and the next ten years. If you set goals, then you are most likely to achieve what you want to achieve, especially if you are on the same page. 

Of course, there are many other marriage topics for the two of you to discuss because, really, a marriage cannot survive without communication and ensuring that all of the wants and the needs are the same. Even the wants and needs that are different need to be addressed so that the two of you can remain happy.