Keeping Her Happy in a Relationship with These Steps

  • Posted on: 12 January 2017
  • By: admin

Keeping Her Happy in a Relationship with These Steps

Let's get right to it.  Not every man knows how to keep a woman happy, but here are some great tips that will work.   Although she’d probably appreciate a car, you don’t have to buy her a car. You also don’t have to take her out to expensive dinners every week or take her on a vacation to the beach or on a cruise. Women don’t have to be bought all of the time. Yes, there are some that do, but most don’t. All women really need is a little TLC and that’s what some people are doing for their women and keeping her happy in a relationship. 

When you are concerned about keeping her happy in a relationship, it is all about the little things. Those things include:

Hugging her and meaning it rather than doing it out of obligation

Kissing her slowly rather than a quick peck on the cheek

Smiling at her just because you love her

Sharing secrets between one another rather than keeping secrets away from each other

Laughing with her when something is funny rather than looking at her like she’s crazy

Allowing her to hang out with you when you are out with your friends

If she says “I love you more,” fight her back and tell her how much you love her

Never hesitate to tell her how you feel about her

Keeping her happy in a relationship is about telling her she’s beautiful

Do little things like opening doors, walking her to her car, and meeting her for lunch

Hold her close when she is cold

Make love to her slowly rather than treating her like she’s an object

Don’t cheat on her

Don’t tell her lies because you will always be found out

Check in on her throughout the day to let her know you’re thinking about her

Always be the person she can count on no matter what

Stand up for her when someone else disses her

Grab her hand when you are walking together

Star gaze

Look deep into her eyes when you tell her how you feel

Help her around the house

If she’s upset, ask her what’s wrong and let her know you want to help

Take her where she wants to go

Hold her when she cries

Take long walks and talk about your plans for the future

Keeping her happy in a relationship is not rocket science. There are so many little things that you can do and you don’t necessarily have to go out of your way to do them. Show her you are not selfish and you will be proud of yourself. When you commit yourself to the relationship, doing those small things, you will find that you really enjoy them too. Basically, you’re not just doing your partner a great service by making them feel the way they should, but you are doing yourself a great service as well. In the end, you’re both happy.