Top 10 Complaints from Black Men About Black Women

  • Posted on: 28 December 2016
  • By: admin

Below are the 10 Top Complaints black men had about black women, based on conversations between News One Staff and a group of black men.  Here was the outcome:


10. Confrontational-always wants to fight.

9. Loud-and can’t turn the volume down.

8. Fat-not every time, but too many times.

7. Catty/Competitive-hates girlfriends but always listening to them.

6. Unrealistic-thinks a Bentley costs a penny.

5. Selfish-but pushes us down by the head and shoulders.

4. Emasculating-and dressing like men too.

3. Controlling-manipulating. Ya’ll got a good life, man.

2. Demanding-wanting us to be different from the ‘we’ we are now.

1. Blameless-even when wrong.


As a reader, what is your feeling on these comments?