Truth about Haitian Men and Women

  • Posted on: 17 March 2017
  • By: admin

Every nationality have their own querks, beliefs, which makes them different.  It could be good, bad or both.   As for the Haitian men and women, we can easily say that the same applies.  


Let us begin with the Haitian men.   From a very early age, they are brought up in a very strict manner.   They are brought up to be respectful to their elders, which of course is popular with most nationalities.  

What makes the upbringing of Haitian men somewhat different than most, is that the parents will not think twice about pulling out the belt on them.    Unlike the U.S, a child can call the police on a parent, as hitting a child is against the law.  

There is no such thing in Haiti.  In fact  Haitian men born and raised in Haiti wll tell you they've been beating by parents, teachers, and sometimes even neighbors, if the parents felt it was deserved.  As children, boys learn and see the fathers 

working and being the bread provided for the house, while the mother spends most of the time taking care of the  house, food, and the kids if they have any that is. Having had such a tough upbringing, Haitian boys find themselves repeating the same steps with their own kids once they themselves became fathers.


As for the Haitian women, they too are very respectful, caring, and loving towards their family.  Unlike many nationalities, Haitian girls dating at a very young age is a big no no in Haiti. The whole idea of kids dating at a young age, or during high school years is forbidden by most Haitian parents.   In the U.S, some parents actually drive their kids to meet another kid of the opposite sex for a date.  As mentioned before, Haitian girls are not allowed to date at an early age, so Haitian parents think Americans are crazy for allowing this.  As these girls grow up to become  mature Haitian women, they too follow the same foot steps as the mothers.   They mostly take the time to take care of the home and family.     We must note that times are changing, and with changes, progression takes place.   Some progression can be seen as either good or bad depending on the situation. One example is that Haitian women are more independent these days.  They too work a lot, they too are the bread winners, and some are more stable than their male counterpart.    This of course is tough for some of the men because it takes away from some of the powers that they feel they should have.     In fact, many Haitian women describe the men as jealous, obsessive, and so on.  Reason being some of the men are having a hard time adopting to the independency of their women.    

As time goes by, we are seeing a big change with the Haitian men and Haitian women.    The women are more understanding of their men and the Haitian men are beginning to accept the women being more independent.  Overall, they are great people and many would be lucky to share the same morals and standards.