Why don't I see myself in the Sexy Member Page?

  • Posted on: 25 February 2017
  • By: admin

There are three possible answers:

1.  You didn't join it.  If you wish to join now, you need to click the left link that says "become a sexy member"

2.  You joined it but you cannot see yourself. Only a member of the opposite sex can see your sexy member display.  For example, women can only see sexy men,    Men can only see sexy women.   Lesbians on the other hands can see other lesbians sexy members, an gay men can see other gay men sexy members.  

3. If you joined the sexy members, you will then only be able to see yourself in that link (become sexy member).  Once in there, it should say "Edit/Delete testimonial."  This means that your sexy member (registered members)  profile and testimonial is up and others can see it.