Frequently Asked Questions

There are two caterogies that we offer.   One is your "Main" photo, also know as your "profile photo.  This photo must be of you.  We understand that you may want to hide your face, but it's not fair to other members who have their face showing.  People want to see who's contacting them.   Nobody wants to receive a message, then open it, only to find a cartoon picture, a picture of nature, or an object...If you are serious about finding somebody, you should be open to having your photo displayed to other members.



Picture category number two, are your additional photos (not main photo).   In your additionals, you  can have pictures of whatever you want, but it cannot be an advertisement, or anything deemed inappropriate. 

When you edit your photo profile, our system sends us the new photo to approve, and it also sends us your  profile information in a separate area.   This means after we approve or disapprove your new photo, we then have to go to a separate  page to approve or dissaprove your new profile details.  It doesn't matter if you didn't change your profile details, it will still come to us also.     Profile details rarely get disapproved unless you're displaying your phone number, email address, or you wrote some inappropriate.  

Yes, this website is 100% free for now.  We just want to be fair to all of our members by making sure that they have plenty of options to choose from before we begin charging.   Once we have enough members, or we find that we need funds to progress forward with the site, that's when we'll activate our payment system.  At that point, you will be informed.

There are three possible answers:

1.  You didn't join it.  If you wish to join now, you need to click the left link that says "become a sexy member"

2.  You joined it but you cannot see yourself. Only a member of the opposite sex can see your sexy member display.  For example, women can only see sexy men,    Men can only see sexy women.   Lesbians on the other hands can see other lesbians sexy members, an gay men can see other gay men sexy members.  

3. If you joined the sexy members, you will then only be able to see yourself in that link (become sexy member).  Once in there, it should say "Edit/Delete testimonial."  This means that your sexy member (registered members)  profile and testimonial is up and others can see it.

There could be a few reasons:

1.  We have been experiencing some issues with some profile photos. The system is not processing them correctly.  It could be happening because of the file type, the photo size, or something else.  We are unsure,yet we've been working hard to find out what's causing it.   If we send you a notification that states we couldn't process your photo, then your best bet is too email it to us at (MyHaitianLover1@gmail.com) with your username, and we will upload it for you.   Doing it this way may help us  to figure out what's causing the problem.  Please do not forget to add the number 1 at the end of the email address.

2. Another reason which may have caused us to not approve your new photo is the content displayed.  It must be a photo of you to be fair to the other members.  Too many members were adding cartoon pics, nature pics, e.t.c as their profile pic.  This in turns makes the site looks like a total joke and before you know it, everybody else will be doing the same thing.  In addition, it makes no sense to email or contact a member, then that member opens your profile and all they see is some cartoon pic, nature pic, or some silly pic as your photo profile.  Having said that, we no longer accept "main photos" that is not showing you.

Presently, the only profile photos that should display cartoons characters, nature, e.t.c are those created by our website designers.  Our designers use these profiles to easily test our site, create, or edit new features, and so on...

We check daily to see which new uploaded  profile photos  are waiting for approval.  We do not have a specific time when we check, but it is daily.

We will implement it but being that we are new, we require some time to test and fix many present issues on the site.  Once completed, we will focus on adding the video chat with Instant messaging feature.